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BodyBusiness [2015]


BodyBusiness is an interactive production that re-envisions the economic practices of the dance world and encourages greater transparency of the artist experience.


BodyBusiness occurs in three essential parts:


  • Marketplace: Barter, purchase and sign up for resources that support artists and small businesses

  • Live performance: Meet the women of SLMDances and navigate with them through their dreams and the financial realities of being a dancer in New York City.

  • Resource-sharing: Swap skills, time and opportunities with your fellow audience members.


Each section of the production builds upon the next to make plain the needs of today’s dance artists, create a sense of community and inspire us to think and act from a place of abundance, empathy and urgency.








choreography devised + directed by

Sydnie L. Mosley


in collaboration with dancers

Candace Thompson, Kimberly Mhoon, Rachel Russell, Kayla Hamilton, Katherine Bergstrom, Nehemoyia Young, Allegra Romita, Italy Welton, Kailey McCrudden, Julie Goldberg, Sarah Chien, A. Nia Austin-Edwards, Melanie Greene, Autumn Scoggan


with movement and inspiration from

2013 Greenwich Academy Dance Corps and University Settlement

senior ballroom dancers at 184 Allen St.


sound score 

Ebonie Smith



Damel Dieng


costumes/visual design

Ferima Faye



The 2015 World Premiere of BodyBusiness was presented in marketing partnership with Dance/NYC, in creative collaboration with Our Goods, and as a part of The Performance Project at University Settlement’s 2015-16 Artist in Residency Program.


Download full press release here.


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