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More Dances

Follow [2015]

Site-specific work created for E-Moves 16: The Takeover at Harlem Stage. Created in collaboration with Nehemoyia Young, Autumn Scoggan, Kimberly Mhoon. 

I Wished On the Moon [2012]

7 min. 1-4 performers. An audience favorite, this structured improvisation engages the audience to dance with performers. The choreography embodies trust and partnership, and builds an overall sense of community in the performance space. Music by Billie Holiday.


Pulled/Together [2010]

10 min. 5 performers. Demonstrates forces and tensions between moving bodies. Attracted and repulsed, suspended then released, balanced yet unsteady, a collective energy holds the dancers together. Music by Michael Wall.

Learn more about the development of Pulled/Together from 2008-2011.

A Side of the World for a Canvas [2009]

​​24 min. 6 women performers. In this work women assume agency through story telling creating their own possibilities. Incorporates text from Zora Neale Hurston’s Their Eyes Were Watching God. Music performed live by jazz vocal trio and pianist.

Home, a diptych [2010]


11 min. 3 performers. Created in collaboration with Amy Blumberg, Kyle Gerry and Tara Willis. Structured as a diptych, two parallel dances: The Living Room Dance (solo) and In the Kitchen (duet). The work contends with dreaming big while living in crowded tiny New York City spaces. How do we negotiate productivity in these spaces? How do the spaces become marked as private or intimate? As home? Music by Meghan Sebold. Set Design by Sydnie Mosley.

View video.

Granted [2009]


4 min. Solo performed by Sydnie L. Mosley in honor of her physically handicapped brother. Music by Natalie Gilbert.

Video video.

Love Stutter [2008]

7 min. Solo performed by Sydnie L. Mosley in which she works through the struggle of having great passion for something and trying to attain it. Music by Michael Wall.

Learn more about the development of Love Stutter.

Fall(ter)ing Prays [2007]


5 min. Solo. Explores what is required to trust oneself completely and the faith that develops as a result, both in oneself and in a higher power. Soloist interacts with wall projection. Music by Helen Folashade Adu and Andrew Hale, arranged by Ebonie Smith.

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