Our Donors

SLMDances is grateful for all of those who have generously given a financial contribution to sustain our work since our inception as a company in 2010. We give a loving shout out to the individual donors listed below, as well as those who have given privately and anonymously to seed our dreams.

A. Nia Austin Edwards

Alan Kearl

Albert Kakudji

Alexander Thompson

Alisa Davis

Aliya Mosby

Amanda Ortel

Amy Jacobus

Amy Smith

Amy Wilhelm

Andrea Achi

Annie Colonna

Anthonia Akitunde

Arin Maya Lawrence

Ashlee Tuck

Ashley Martin 

Betsy Berne

Candace Thompson-Zachery

Camille Wanliss

Carl Hewitt

Ciaseem Andrews

Chinemelum Obiokola

Chris Sholkoff

Clark Jackson

Courtney Keene and Damel Dieng

Dana Martin

Danielle Davenport

Daphne Larose

Darlene Allen

Denise and Mark Lee

Douglas Edwards

Dorothy Denburg

Edwin Echevarria

Eleni Zaharopoulos

Elizabeth Bergman

Elizabeth Castelli

Emily May

Erica Frankel

Erin Miles Cloud


Erin Moore

Faith Holsaert

Frances Sadler

Greer Dorsey

Heather Robles

Holly Kearl

Irvin Weathersby

Jacobe Bell

Jaime Dzandu

Jane and David Rosenthal

Jacqueline L. Wright

Jeremy Colonna

John and Marsha Ramsay

John and Roxanne Wheatland

Joi-Marie Mckenzie

Julia Turshen

Julie Justen

Joshua Soble

Joya Powell

Judith Soble

Katherine Bergstrom

Katherine Friis

Katie Chipungu

Katie Glasner

Katy Eustis

Katy Rubin

Kim Hall

Krista Romita Grocholski

Kyle Dixon

LaNesha Alexander

Lauren Silvera

Leila Tamari

Lorraine Mosley

Luberta Hansley

Lynn Parkerson

Marcia Brooks

Mary Colonna


Melissa Paterakis Lundberg

Michael and Laverne Alexander

Morgan Wright

Moskoula Harisiadis

Natasha Warner

Nancy and Vic Romita

Nehemoyia Young

Nkenge Wheatland

Noah Lethbridge and Karen Stansifer

Nomaduma Masilela

Nyasha George

Olukemi Ilesanmi

Petrushka Bazin Larsen

Rachel Druck

Rachel Selekman

Ray P. Bomberger

Rebecca Lee

Risa Shoup

Ron and Patricia Ernst

Sara Granstrom

Sara Weiss

Sara Zorzi

Sarah Loh

Shakthi Jothianandan

Sharon Austin-Edwards

Sharon Johnson

Sharon Cromer and Arnold Sobers

Sharyn Corey

Shay Wafer

Sheena Grant

Sheila Odesey

Simone Sobers

Sita Frederick

Soula Harisiadis

Stanley and Crystal Mosley

Susan Levine

Sydnee Wilson

Sydnie Liggett

Tafari Duncan

Tana Wilson

Wendi Washington

William McCabe

Vladmir Vukicevic

Yvette Levette

Zoe Dolan

Funding + Support

SLMDances has received generous funding and in-kind support from:

Andre Zachery/Renegade Performance Group

Atlantis Gothe + Family

Baltimore Community Foundation

Barnard Center for Research on Women

Barnard College Dance Department

The CUNY Dance Initiative

Angela's Pulse/Dancing While Black

Dance/NYC's Coronavirus Dance Relief Fund

Harlem Stage Fund For New Work

The Field Leadership Fund


Lincoln Center Education Community Artist in Residence Program

Lower Manhattan Cultural Council

New York City Department of Cultural Affairs (DCLA)

The Performance Project @ University Settlement

Sydnie L. Mosley Dances (SLMDances) is a New York City-based dance-theater collective that works in communities to organize for gender and racial justice through experiential dance performance.

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