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Our Story

A Brief Herstory of


SLMDances organized its first community workshops in Harlem that created space for women to share their stories of gender-based street harassment, exchange practical strategies, create movement based on their experiences, and fellowship with others. 


SLMDances shifts from project-to-project to a consistent company structure to facilitate ongoing activism, touring, and the development of new work. We define core values. 


SLMDances receives its first grants and BodyBusiness premieres at University Settlement, addressing the economic circumstances of dancers in NYC. These collaborations helped us clarify our values in building mutually beneficial partnerships with institutions.


SLMDances implemented a new 3 person leadership team called Visioning PartnersSydnie began to facilitate artistic residencies at colleges and universities around the country, expanding our education programming. 


SLMDances reimagines itself as a Collective. We hyper focus on research, creation and development of PURPLE and invest in a new cohort of collaborators.


Our work continues to evolve and defy genres with What does PURPLE sound like? We continue to build capacity through financial resources and expanded leadership.


Sydnie L. Mosley Dances (SLMDances) emerged over the course of 2010, performing throughout New York City on a project-to-project basis. 


The Window Sex Project premieres in Harlem.


SLMDances hosts its first audition and pilots its Professional Development workshops. CAKE premieres making clear our commitment to the stories of Black women and girls.


SLMDances entered a performance hiatus, de-prioritizing performance and producing new work as its main activities and focused on strategic planning


SLMDances was awarded a multi-year Manhattan Community Artist Residency through Lincoln Center Education to develop our newest work PURPLE.

The Visioning Partners co-develop the language of Creative Partner to describe the role of SLMDances artists: dancer – teacher – organizer – badasses who embody our core values.


SLMDances rests, grieves, and nurtures relationships with our community engagement partners. We develop our virtual PD for the People! course and launched Spotlight in PURPLE, a podcast and virtual experience.


SLMDances produces the PURPLE Universe featuring PURPLE: A Ritual In Nine Spells at Lincoln Center. It is SLMDances' first production of its size, scope, and scale, raising the bar in production value + community impact.


SLMDances returns to in person rehearsal ritual and a series of creative bubble residencies (with covid precautions in place) to continue PURPLE creative development. Performance highlights include Harlem Stage EMoves

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