PURPLE Community Engagement

PURPLE Community Engagements are a choreographic experience that captures the radical joy in a place -- public housing communities in New York City  -- via the stories of its decades long residents to:

uncover strategies of resilience,

to amplify cultural traditions,

and to shift public discourse and policy.

In partnership with Changing the Narrative, PURPLE’s community engagements facilitate the collection of oral histories and making those stories visible with site specific performances. Development activities include creative movement and story telling workshops.


Current engagements are with Lincoln Square Neighborhood Center and Amsterdam Houses.


Community Engagement with Lincoln Square Neighborhood Center and Amsterdam Houses has been developed with support from Lincoln Center Education Community Artist in Residence Program, CHANGING THE NARRATIVE, and Barnard Center for Research on Women.

About CHANGING THE NARRATIVE: A Public Housing Project

CHANGING THE NARRATIVE is a public housing project that seeks to change the course of the conversation about the public housing program and its residents toward one more inclusive of their voices and hope for the communities. Through a series of workshops and formal discussions we will gather experiences and histories, as well as thoughts and imagination of a better future for public housing, via audio, video, photographic materials, and critical analysis.


Many studies and reports on public housing focus their lens on maintenance, repairs, and quality of life.  Others highlight disinvestment, concentrated poverty impacts, the overall failure of the program and the need for new types of developments. Some organizations and reports do, however, suggest that not only is public housing necessary, but that we need more, not less, of it. There are far fewer who report on the program and communities through the lens of the residents who live in there. The public housing resident’s voice is a vital component to any reporting that seeks to bring the full story to the public.


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