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Who is Sydnie L. Mosley?


Officially, Sydnie L. Mosley is an artist-activist-educator who produces experiential dance works with her all-woman company SLMDances. Her dances respond to street harassment, respectability politics, the economics of NYC dance and more.


But frankly, Sydnie is a life long dancer, born and raised in Baltimore. Two things she is most proud of: Making a home in Harlem for 10+ years and her self-determined NYC dance career. Three things she has visions about: dancing, writing and cooking.  You can find her FULL BIO HERE.

How long has SLMDances been around?


Sydnie L. Mosley Dances came into being over the course of 2010 and has been shifting, improving, and thriving ever since. You can find our HERSTORY HERE

What / Who is the Leadership Team?


SLMDances is led by the Artistic Director (Sydnie Mosley), Strategic Visioning Partner (A. Nia Austin-Edwards), and Artistic Visioning Partner (Allegra Romita). The Visioning Partners consult on all major decisions and the direction of the company. While the Strategic Visioning partner oversees the business development of the company, the Artistic Visioning partner oversees the artistic development of the company. You can find all ARTIST BIOS HERE.


What does it mean to be a Creative Partner?


SLMDances prioritizes collaborative relationships. The role of Creative Partner is one of many partnerships that take place between the company and our community. This role engages the creative, educational, and administrative skills of an artist in deciphering what and how the collective develops and the performance works we collaboratively devise. 

We invite artists to join our circle who practice a self-awareness that includes their emotional, physical, and spiritual care, and the management of their resources (including but not limited to health, time, skills, knowledge etc.). We understand that being a part of our circle is to be in relationship and how we manage our self impacts all partners. As an artistic collective embodying abundance, we function through sharing what resources we have to offer with one another in a reciprocal exchange. We invite negotiation and ask artists to only make commitments that feel good in their bodies and make them feel fully valued. 

We stay transparent with one another: We are all healing from the bruises of unhealthy partnerships and recovering from oppressive systems, while learning to co-create and invest in liberated spaces. We do not have the answers, but we are committed to this work and this play, improvising our way into the future. What we know for sure is that we intend to keep dancing with compassion, patience and sage.

What does it mean to be a "Harlem-based" company?


One of the company values is Community. The company situates itself amongst the Harlem arts community by creating and presenting dance uptown; partnering with other Harlem artists and businesses; and focusing community-based initiatives within Harlem. Nevertheless, SLMDances travels for projects around the city, across the country and internationally as relevant to the mission and interests of the work.

Do you get paid for performances?


Yes! Payment is issued for performances on a sliding scale rate of $65 - $125 per performance. Pay rate depends on whether the engagement is underwritten by SLMDances or by an outside presenter.


Does SLMDances offer Company Class?
When + Where is it?


Yes! Company class is taught by Sydnie Mosley, Allegra Romita, and invited outside guests or dancers within the company who are interested in developing their teaching practice.


Each rehearsal begins with company class. It is open class, but is a required part of the rehearsal practice for company members.



Do dancers receive rehearsal compensation?


The dancers are paid $12.50 per hour for rehearsal, in addition to receiving free company class. The company also offers all of its collaborators a structured Professional Development module created to assist its dancers to achieve their personal goals, dance and non-dance related. Dancers also have access to all photos and videos taken during performances.


We greatly value our dancers and are happy to discuss and offer any other forms of compensation that dancers might find valuable. In the meantime, the Leadership Team continues to build SLMDances' financial resources so that we can increase rehearsal pay to a thriving wage.



Are there opportunities to teach?


Yes! Our focus this year is on Education programming. Company members have the option to teach company class and they will have the opportunity to teach in our residencies and facilitate all workshops.


What is a company "field trip"?


SLMDances makes building community with all collaborators an integral part of how the company functions. Field trips to performances, dinner, and group events are scheduled to engage each other in a more social environment and to build a rapport amongst the company, its leadership, and its collaborators. 


Additionally, SLMDances consistently engages in discussions, lectures, and conferences centered around issues relevant to the arts, African diaspora, feminism, race, culture and cultural organizing. Attending these lectures and events contribute to our collaborative research and creative processes.



Sydnie L. Mosley Dances (SLMDances) is a New York City-based dance-theater collective that works in communities to organize for gender and racial justice through experiential dance performance.

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