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BodyBusiness Child Care


SLMDances is pleased to announce that we will provide childcare for families attending BodyBusiness. These services are coordinated by PURPOSE Productions, staffed by University Settlement Youth Worker Staff and Barnard Babysitting Agency, and generously supported by BodyBusiness Producer Elizabeth Castelli. We are offering childcare in an effort to make participation and attendance to our performances - which address sustainability in the dance field - affordable and feasible for artist-families. 


Childcare will be available from 6:00-9:45PM each night of performance. 


Families interested in taking advantage of this opportunity should contact PURPOSE Productions at Guardians will be asked to sign a waiver and provide emergency contact details along with other important information. We also ask that you provide a nut-free snack for your child and any favorite games, books or toys.


To ensure the safety and quality of care for families who choose this option, there is limited space. Care will be provided on a first come, first served basis. Families MUST sign up for this option in advance. 


Please make your request by 12pm on the day of performance. 






All babysitters for BodyBusiness events will be evaluated by SLMDances staff and NYC DOE/DOH fingerprinted.


About University Settlement
Youth Workers


Through innovative management, University Settlement is able to offer low-income parents exceptionally high-quality early childhood programs. For working parents, this solves an urgent child care problem while providing their children with cutting edge literacy and math curriculums, small classes and multi-lingual teachers. For children who don't speak English at home, their classroom experience is a bridge to English language skills critical for success in elementary school. 


Nurturing the potential of every child is a smart idea, and it makes all the difference.

About Barnard Babysitting Service



Founded in 1965, the Barnard Babysitting Agency is a student run agency that provides parents and sitters a safe and reliable way to connect with one another.


Barnard Babysitters are full-time students at Barnard, an undergraduate liberal arts college for women. It is not a teachers college, nor does everyone major in child development psychology – however, all babysitters are students who genuinely want to care for children. The sitters are independent contractors with the agency. 

About PURPOSE Productions


PURPOSE Productions supports artists and organizers in the manifestation of PURPOSE-full work that seeks to unify and develop our world community.


PURPOSE Productions was founded by A. Nia Austin-Edwards in 2013 as a means to support artists she loved and believed in. Named after the Swahili translation of her own name (Nia), PURPOSE Productions has developed into a company grounded in the principles of Kwanzaa. 


While Kwanzaa focuses on the African-American community, PURPOSE Productions supports and engage a world community joined by the common thread of humanity.

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